How the Parrot got its colours.

Back long ago, in the time of myth and legend, many countries had their mythical legends and stories of their culture, traditions, animals, people and many more.

Yet this legend tells of the tropical and exotic parrot on the island of the Amazons.

The Amazons loved to tell stories to youngsters at festivals, ceremonies and carnivals etc., and mainly of its animals. Particularly the Parrot.

Starting off, as now retold, there was a plain white bird of no delicacy, ranging from mainly its colour. There was nothing really exquisite about this bird, not a thing could be absorbed within it to establish or formate it into a bird of outstanding uniqueness.

The parrot, because of its reputation with most animals hardly had any friends. All day it would fly here and there, either looking  for food, friends or someone/something to give him colours for his feathers.

One day, whilst sitting at the sand dunes, admiring the clear, blue sky and its golden sun, a tropical bright coloured fish sprung up from the sea. As he did, he saw the lonely parrot which sat frozen in uncertainty of not knowing what was to remain of his miserable life. The fish felt sorrow coming from the Parrot. This sorrow corrupted him.

Not knowing what his emotions wanted him to do, the fish swam over to the motionless parrot but still keeping a long distance away. Remaining surrounded by water, he headed over and started communicating with the parrot.

The parrot awoke from his trance and stared up at the fish. They started a conversation. This went on for a while but in the end when getting to know each other, the parrot was overjoyed and most delighted to find a friend, one that could help him with his difficult situation.

The whole afternoon, the two friends discussed some possible strategies of turning the parrot into a colourful bird.

Hours went by when at last, the sun died down, away into the horizon. Darkness fell upon the two new companions. The fish became tired and so they said goodbye. The fish promised to return tomorrow so they once again said goodbye, and they both returned to their homes.

During the night, when the fish arrived home, he ate some fried seaweed and went straight to bed. As he tucked himself into bed, he struggled many times to close his eyes but for some reason, something wouldn't let him.

After a while, the fish finally shut his eyes and as he did, he fell into a mysterious dream. In this, he dreamt of the parrot and how he got his wonderfully coloured feathers. Everything went so quickly it all passed through his mind in a furious rush that once he awoke, he could hardly remember a thing.

He then rushed to his table, grabbed a pen and paper and scribbled down all the things that he could remember from his previous dream. All he actually wrote down was water sprouting up into the sky, a big, golden sun and dazzling colours. He then stared out of his window, looking at the beautiful corals, starfishes and the aqua coloured ocean. He then began to pace agitatedly about and was wondering why he couldn't remember anything. This made him get more fretful and restless every minute.

The day went by, fish had had no breakfast, lunch, supper or dinner or any other type of meal that you could think of. All day, he would sit at his small table and keep thinking of what he was to do. While doing that, he also forgot about the promise he had told the parrot, he then stormed out of his door and rushed up towards the surface of the ocean, he suddenly saw the parrot storming away with frustration in his heart.

His manner was definitely starting to affect the fish. The parrot had a bleak expression of utter hopelessness, and an air of bottomless, black despair. That forlorn stare had probably stayed on his countenance for the past few hours but now, his frown deepened further.

The fish felt such stupidity. All he could do now was go back home, and that he did.

When he got home, he once again went to his desk and table but with a much lower speed than usual. He didn't actually do anything. All he did was look down at his paper and pen for hours, in some sort of a trance or something.

Finally at about evening time, when the ocean turned dark blue and not a sea animal was to be seen, the fish went over to his TV, turned it on and watched the weather broadcast. The prediction for tomorrow was one of the brightest, shining days with the sun twinkling in yellow.

He switched it off, then he began to collect all sorts of funny equipment together and then started to build something. He then went to his desk and did some calculations of the sun for a peculiar reason, on his paper. He also wrote a question but it didn't have an answer.

After that, he went outside of his home, carrying a big bag with a red velvet box but with nothing inside. He then headed to the jewellery shop, there he paid for an extremely expensive crystal, and went home. What was he up to?

The following next day, the fish woke up 2 hours earlier than his usual morning call. Next he washed his face, brushed his teeth, packed all his equipments in a bag and then rushed up to the surface. There he set everything in its rightful position, until last, the trick was to try and place a tall box with the accurate measurement of being 1.2 metres high; when completing that, most of his time was wasted on, the finishing touch was little bits of crumbs of food on the top of the box. Finishing everything off, the fish noticed a figure heading over towards his invention.

He recognised who it was, it was the parrot and so immediately, the fish dived in the water.

Meanwhile the parrot saw what had happened, he flapped his wings high and flew onto the tall wooden box, trying to get a better view of what had just happened.

Next thing he knew, he was blazed with the sun's bright light, then a sudden, out of the sea, the fish pranced up from the sea and spat a fabulous a clear blue fountain and sitting up on top of it  was the crystal the fish had purchased the night before.

As you could probably work out, when the water and crystal were combined with the sun, it created a tremendously, beautiful rainbow with its seven vivid colours shining like silver diamonds. Its colours all pointed to one particular direction and that was, as the fish had already worked out was towards the parrot which sat paralysed which was positioned on the tall wooden box.

The effect was instantaneous, nothing could have been compared to this spectacular scene. Nothing! The colour shone down on the parrot and there it remains for the rest of its days, as it gave birth to little ones, they all inherited its colourful coat of colours, and so that is the legend telling of the parrot and how it got its colours.

                                                                           The End!

     By: Carolyn