How the elephant got its trunk
About 4 million years ago elephants did not have trunks. Instead they had two holes for a nose. There was also an animal called a trunk. A trunk was a log-like creature that had a soft and flexible body.It could also bind anything as tightly as a snake  could. There was a trunk named Tom. There was also an elephant called John.
Tom and John were best friends until one day, when John and Tom were out walking John found some delicious food. John was a greedy pig so he went and ate everything all by himself. Tom was so angry that his face was as red as fire. He wanted to get John back for not sharing the food. After that Tom wriggled slowly and sadly back to his home all by himself. Two days later John had already forgotten about the incident but Tom remembered it deeply in his heart. That day the sun was shining happily and right at the break of dawn Tom was busily melting some bees wax. About two hours later John was back from hunting and Tom climbed onto a friendly tree .When John was right under the tree Tom poured down some bees wax to burn John's nose but he lost his balance and fell onto John's nose. He got stuck there like glue. John  swayed and swayed but Tom just went bang! onto the trees. Day by day Tom was becoming more and more part of John.

This is how the elephant got its trunk but if you are very quiet  and close  to an elephant you can still see the trunk's eyes.

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