How The Kangaroos Got Their Tails


A long, long time ago back in the dreamtime, there lived two kangaroos. One of the kangaroos lived in the hills while the other lived on the plains.


The kangaroo that lived on the plains had two very long arms with two very long legs. The other kangaroo that lived in the hills was very small. It had very short legs and very short arms.





One day the Hill Kangaroo was hungry and decided to go in search of finding some sugar bags. Sugar bags were a type of wild bush honey. While it was eating its sugar bags, the Plain Kangaroo came along and asked “"Wher”e did you get that?" The Hill kangaroo pointed at the hole in the rock and said “"Put your long arms down into the hole, and there you will find some sugar bags”". The Plain kangaroo reached down only to pull out spiders. It tried again but only kept pulling out spiders.

The Plain kangaroo was angered because the Hill Kangaroo had tricked it. So the Plain kangaroo took a stick from a gum tree, and the Hill Kangaroo also took a stick from a red blood wood tree. They began to fight, hitting each other. The Plain Kangaroo then ran away, but the Hill Kangaroo threw a stick and it got stuck on its bottom. The Plain kangaroo decided to also throw its stick and it also got stuck on its bottom. Both kangaroos then ran away back to their home land.


This is how the kangaroos got their tails.

By: Bonnie Wong 7E